How To Qualify For $6 Billion Of Student Loan Forgiveness

This week, the Biden administration agreed to cancel $6 billion of student loans for 200,000 borrowers.

This student loan cancellation is another big win for student loan borrowers.

This student loan forgiveness involves borrower defense to student loan repayment, which is an Obama-era

rule that enables student loan borrowers to get full student loan cancellation or partial student loan cancellation.

To date, excluding this latest announcement, Biden has enacted $7.9 billion of

student loan cancellation for 690,000 borrowers under borrower defense to student loan repayment and school closures.

Have you applied for borrower defense to student loan repayment?

If Yes, determine if you attended one of these approximately 150 colleges or universities.

This $6 billion of student loan forgiveness relates to a settlement agreement of a class action