How to download and install the HomePod Software 16 public beta

The new HomePod Software 16 is available in Apple’s public beta software program for the first time, and you can download it today.

However, at its June WWDC event, Apple didn’t reveal any new features coming to the HomePods

with the software update, so it’s probably all about under-the-hood stuff.

In fact, it’s likely that any updates are focused on preparations for the coming of the Matter smart home standard

due to arrive this fall — and support for Apple’s all-new Home app coming in iOS 16.

Along with the Apple TV, the HomePod mini is a hub for Apple’s HomeKit smart home ecosystem,

and a hub will be required for using Matter smart home accessories in HomeKit.

So you probably only want to give this a whirl if

you are trying out the public beta software of the Home app in iOS 16.