How "Fire Island" passes the Bechdel test – by creating a new one

Writer Hanna Rosin ignited a firestorm when she bemoaned the lack of women in the film focused on queer Asian men

On Monday, in a now-deleted Tweet, writer Hanna Rosin criticized Hulu's popular new film "Fire Island" for its so-called failure of the Bechdel test.

Rosin wrote that the movie "gets an F- on the Bechdel test in a whole new way.

By the next day, the Tweet was gone and a whole new string of Tweets had appeared, with an apology.

The movie was telling a story about queer AAPI [Asian American Pacific Islander] men,

whose experiences don't show up enough in movies or anywhere else

What I had to say was beside the point, not to mention a buzzkill on a fun summer movie."

The "fun summer movie" in question was written by its star, Joel Kim Booster,

and centers the experiences of queer Asian men.