How a Bodega Boys fan account broke the story of Desus & Mero's breakup

The Bodega Hive was hit with devastating news on Monday when Showtime

announced that Desus & Mero would be ending after four seasons. But this wasn't

just the end of the late night TV series — the network also confirmed that Desus

Nice (a.k.a. Daniel Baker) and The Kid Mero (a.k.a. Joel Martinez) were breaking up their partnership entirely.

"Desus Nice and The Kid Mero will be pursuing separate creative endeavors

moving forward," Showtime said in a statement. They "have made a name for

themselves in comedy and in the late-night space as quick-witted cultural commentators.

Desus Nice confirmed the breakup on Twitter as well.

It was news that their fan base had been dreading but expecting.