Hospitals, Health Systems Added 16.3K New Jobs in 2022

Hospitals and health systems, physician offices, and nursing care facilities

saw employment growth in May 2022, while health practitioner offices saw decreases.

Despite ongoing workforce shortages, the healthcare industry has seen positive employment changes during the past few months.

Overall healthcare employment grew by 28,300 jobs last month, going from 16,239,600 in April to 16,267,900 in May.

This increase is lower than the 34,000 jobs the industry added in April.

Hospital and health system employment led the job growth, adding 16,300 positions to reach a total of 5,160,700 jobs.

The employment boost in May is the largest increase hospitals have seen since December 2020,

surpassing the 4,500 additional jobs the sector saw in April.

Hospital employment is still down almost 75,000 jobs compared to pre-pandemic levels