Hollywood's Summer Movies: Something for Everyone

It is Memorial Day weekend in the United States, a time many Americans consider the official start of summer.

And that means the start of summer movie season, too!

The film industry in Hollywood, California, has produced some high-budget action films led by major movie stars that will open in the coming days and weeks. At least one is expected to be a blockbuster.

Top Gun: Maverick is a Paramount Pictures film starring Tom Cruise.

It just opened May 27, after two years of pandemic postponements. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer said he never reconsidered his early decision to delay the film’s release until movie theaters were open again.

He said he thinks the film requires a big screen for full enjoyment.

The filmmakers used a complex mix of camera equipment to get shots from high above the ground and inside military fighter airplanes.

“It’s the kind of movie that embraces the experience of going to the theater.

It takes you away. It transports you.