Here are 5 iconic Hollywood pairings we'd love to see back in movies

Whether it be a duo that makes you long for a partnership of a lifetime like Agent K and J in

Men In Black or a palpable romance like Kat and Patrick's from 10 Things I Hate About You,

Hollywood has given us an unending supply of fated pairings that have lit fire on-screen together.

Let's go down the rabbit hole and pick out some of our favourite pairings that we are in dire need to see back together again.

When it comes to iconic pairings, the first names that pop in our mind are definitely the

legendary buddy comedies of the 90s that doubled down on the genre and gave us some of the most liked characters and duos so far.

Though besides the comedies, the industry has also done the work of the Gods when it comes to romance on screen.

So many on-screen couples have left movie-goers wanting some more as they look for the same warmth

and butterflies in real life. On that note,