Hayley Atwell Feels She Has 'More To Do' as Peggy Carter

Captain America: The First Avenger was the fifth film in the MCU when it released in 2011, and

introduced a fan-favorite character that's been brought back multiple times for more than a decade.

Hayley Atwell made the role of Peggy Carter instantly iconic in The First Avenger,

mainly because she wasn't a typical love interest for the hero.

Peggy was a no-nonsense SSR agent who could handle her own in any situation

despite being constantly undermined by her male superiors.

The tricky thing with Peggy was that The First Avenger largely took place in the 1940s before jumping ahead to present day

meaning Peggy as fans knew her for the majority of the film couldn't really exist in the MCU's main time period.

Nonetheless, that hasn't stopped Kevin Feige and company from trying to bring Peggy back as often as possible.