Harvey Weinstein Is in Jail, but His Enablers Still Go Free

I had planned to begin this review with a list of the most headline-grabbing facts in Hollywood Ending,

Ken Auletta’s meticulous account of Harvey Weinstein’s rise and fall in the movie industry.

This, I figured, is what most readers want from any review of a book like this:

the gossip, the salaciousness, the sleaze. I certainly do.

So I’m sorry to disappoint you, but my plan went south. Don’t get me

wrong, there’s plenty of appalling dirt on Weinstein on almost every page.

But if you read or watched the coverage of his 2020 trial for rape and sexual assault, you know the worst of it.

And frankly I can’t see anyone who skipped the trial or ignored the exposés in the media

that precipitated it caring enough about Harvey Weinstein now to read a 456-page book,