The most sizzling superstar couple at the Don't Stress Dear debut was… Harry Styles and Scratch Kroll?

Olivia Wilde's exceptionally plugged thrill ride made its worldwide presentation at the 

Venice Film Celebration on Monday, finishing up with a five-minute heartfelt applause.

As the crowd cheered and applauded, Styles advanced over to his costar Kroll, 

establishing a kiss all the rage and maneuvering him into a hug.

Throughout the previous few weeks, Don't Stress Sweetheart has produced endless titles,

because of the connection among Styles and his chief Wilde, as well as gossipy tidbits

about a crack among Wilde and her star Florence Pugh.

After the debut finished and the heartfelt applause started, Wilde and Pugh 

purportedly stayed away, as Styles went to Kroll and gave him a fast kiss.