Harry and Meghan fans 'turn away' from couple, expert claims

In 2020, Meghan and Harry announced that they had made a decision to step down as

senior working members of the Royal Family. Shortly after their exit, the couple moved

stateside and, along with their son, settled into their new life in California. At first, their

popularity seemed to be doing well in the states, with many Americans overjoyed that

the Sussexes had chosen the US as their base. However, over the past year, the

couple's popularity in the UK and the US has plummeted. Speaking on TALKTV,

journalist Daisy McAndrew discussed the Duke and Duchess' drop in popularity.

Ms McAndrew, who also reports on some US networks about the Royal Family, said:

"It's been interesting, their attitude, I mean, they were all mesmerised and horrified by the Oprah interview, as I think we all were.