Gunther wins the WWE Intercontinental championship

When GUNTHER was called up to the main roster, he came to Friday Night SmackDown every bit the

dominant force he was in both NXT and NXT UK. He’s big, he’s got some vicious offense, and he looks like he should be a champion.

That’s because beat Ricochet to win the Intercontinental championship on this week’s episode of SmackDown.

They certainly didn’t use the match as a showcase for GUNTHER while doing no favors for Ricochet, however.

Instead, they put together a beautifully laid out bout of strength vs. speed, size vs. athleticism.

Ricochet fought valiantly but in the end, GUNTHER was simply too much to overcome,

as he used a power bomb before stacking his opponent for the pinfall.

This is his first championship since coming to the main roster.

The match was good enough that perhaps WWE will run it back? We’d all be better off for it.