From art school to world-famous baker

After going to art school, “I just needed a trade,” Hollywood, 56, confesses.

“The Eighties were difficult for everybody, everyone was on the dole.

So you needed a trade to get some money – it was hard, being young.

Getting a trade was always a bonus, whether you were a plumber, a bricky or whatever, and I ended up being a baker.

“It was a skill I had to learn, but I did pick it up fairly quickly” – and

he knows how lucky he is to have fallen in love with the art of baking.

Any person who does a job they love – it’s not like work.

Getting out of bed in the morning was difficult, but you get used to it.”

Hollywood wrote his latest cookbook, Bake, while in the Bake Off bubble in 2021 – and he couldn’t have chosen a better environment.