First Look at The Last of Us HBO Series' Two Leads

Neil Druckmann was on hand to share a bunch of news on The Last of Us, including

the first look at the two leads in the upcoming HBO adaptation of The Last of Us.

At Summer Game Fest, Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann gave an update

on The Last of Us HBO series, which he is co-developing.

Druckmann even directed an episode for HBO and provided the first look at Pedro Pascal's Joel and Bella

Ramsey's Ellie, this time their faces. The scene is from the episode Druckmann directed.

Druckmann also brought to the stage Joel's voice actor Troy Baker and Ellie's voice

actor Ashley Johnson who will both have roles in the upcoming HBO series, but not

as Joel or Ellie. Druckmann promises these roles are not winking cameos, but something substantial.