‘Fire Island’ breakout star Tomás Matos, the “Staten Island Fairy”

From the moment the first trailer for Fire Island dropped, we knew Tomás Matos was destined to be a star.

You simply can’t nail a Marisa Tomei-in-My Cousin Vinny impression like that and not become an instant queer icon.

The enchanting rom-com set on the titular gay oasis boasts a cast that’s an embarrassment of riches

with faces that are surely familiar to queer comedy fans

the film’s hilarious writer and star. And though they don’t have the same background in comedy

as many of their co-stars, Matos more than holds their own, scoring big laughs with every line, glance, and prance.

As Keegan, one of Fire Island‘s “messy sisters”

Matos relished the opportunity to step into this dream project, showing a new side of themselves in the process.

The non-binary actor grew up in New York, where they attended LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts