Final ‘Nope’ Trailer Reveals Far More Plot Details for Jordan Peele’s Upcoming Sci-Fi Horror Film

Nope dropped its final trailer Thursday — and it is far clearer just what is in store for audiences this summer.

Written and directed by Oscar winner Jordan Peele, the Universal science fiction horror film is most definitely about aliens.

That was the assumption from the initial looks at the film, but the previous trailers were so vague,

it was not entirely certain, given how brilliant of a storyteller Peele has proven himself to be with Get Out and Us.

The final Nope trailer more clearly explains that the characters played Keke

Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya are being tormented by at least one UFO at their

horse training ranch for Hollywood productions.

The two decide they are going to get footage of the UFO and make some big bucks off the proof.

Naturally, nothing seems to go as planned as the UFO and aliens continue their torment of the ranch.