Fast and Furious stunt team is “heartbeat” of franchise, says star

Michelle Rodriguez has been a long-running fixture in the Fast and Furious

franchise since the first film in the series The Fast and the Furious in 2001.

It is safe to say that she knows all the ins and outs of filming these free-wheeling movies

and has now taken to social media to shout out the crew that brings the magic to the flicks: the stunt team.

Currently filming the latest instalment in the Fast and Furious movies, Fast 10,

Rodriguez posted a video montage of herself and the action movie’s crew in Rome,

The short slideshow shows the actor posing with various crewmates,

taking in the city’s sights. Along with the wholesome video, Rodriguez posted special shoutouts to the stunt team members, calling them the “heartbeat” of the franchise.

The caption reads: “When in Rome; with our Fast and Furiousveteran splinter unit director