Fans still can’t believe how Spider-Man relaxed after fighting the ‘Civil War’ airport battle

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man made his MCU debut in style during Captain America: Civil War.

Pete was Tony Stark’s ace in the hole,

bringing him out during the big airport battle to swipe Cap’s shield, make a couple of one-liners, and show off his Spidey skills.

We later got glimpses of Pete’s trip to Germany in Spider-Man

Homecoming, though it wasn’t until Far From Home that we learned a rather… intimate detail of how he unwound after the fight.

It came in a quick exchange when Peter was trying to make sure Happy Hogan wasn’t a Mysterio-induced hallucination.

But asked to prove his identity, Hogan let slip a key detail that has fans raising

their eyebrows, which fans on Reddit have been picking up on.

As the comments point out, Pete is a teenage boy alone in a hotel room on his own with nothing else to do – what did you expect to happen