Fans of Johnny Depp cheered wildly outside the courthouse

Fans of Mr Depp cheered wildly outside the courthouse as each verdict was returned by the jury.

Ms Vasquez has become one of the best-known figures among followers of the case.

After her cross-examination of Ms Heard

a Depp fan meme reimagined the attorney as Thor

the god of thunder portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in Marvel movies.

Google Trends, a tool made available by Google to measure the popularity of various search terms over time,

shows that search interest for the words “Camille Vasquez” surged from 16 to 18 May.

On 18 May, a photographer for TMZ asked Vasquez about online rumors that she and Depp might be dating.

Vasquez laughed and declined to answer further. TMZ has previously reported that the rumors are untrue and the two are “definitely not dating”, citing “sources connected to Camille Vasquez”.