Fans desperate for ‘Joker 2’ to be based on Willem Dafoe’s pitch

The social media age has given rise to countless unexpected phenomenons, but one relatively

recent craze we’re fully on board with is the regular outpourings of support and adulation being thrown in the direction of Willem Dafoe.

Having made his screen debut in 1980, the actor has spent over 40 years

establishing himself as cinema’s crown prince of bug-eyed mania, launching more memes that Morbius in the process.

Even by his impressive standards, though, Dafoe might be in the midst of the hottest streak of his already-impressive career.

Since the beginning of 2020, the 66 year-old has shown up in the acclaimed Nightmare Alley,

The French Dispatch, The Card Counter, and The Northman,

while he came perilously close to stealing the show when he returned as Norman Osborn in Spider-Man

No Way Home, and he’s not even done with the superhero genre with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom coming next year.