EXO-Ls slam Filo star Felip's plagiarism response, bring back Lay's 1-minute credit for 'Lit'

It looks like Ken’s solo comeback has been marred by plagiarism claims.

The Filo star who is also part of the P-pop boy group SB19

debuted as a soloist with his real name Felip in 2021.

He made his first solo comeback with ‘Bulan’ on May 29.

With Bulan being a moon god of Philippine mythology,

Felip went for a fantastical and oriental concept for the music video and song ‘Bulan’.

However, some EXO-Ls and XBACKS (Lay's fandom) feel that there were

way too many similarities between Felip’s comeback and Lay Zhang’s ‘Lit’.

EXO member and C-pop idol Lay aka Zhang Yixing is known for incorporating Chinese