Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt When Spiritualized Played Pitchfork Music Festival

Performing seated and reading your lyrics off a music stand does not rock according to the usual understanding of the word.

But Jason Pierce is not your average rocker.

Backed by a crack squad of musicians and a trio of grinning,

dancing backup singers, the man known as J. Spaceman put on a powerhouse

display on the first night of Pitchfork Music Festival without even standing up.

What’s more, he did so without even dipping very far back into Spiritualized’s rich catalog.

The band has been going since 1990, and if they’d hung it up after 2008 or 2003 or 1997, they’d have already banked a legendary discography.

My personal favorite album of theirs is 2001’s Let It Come Down.

They have no song more iconic than 1997’s “Ladies And Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space.