Even a lion burger can’t bring Hollywood the pub bore to life

Never repeat a joke. if it doesn't get a laugh first time, just pretend you didn't say it — because it will only fall flatter a second time.

Paul Hollywood hasn't grasped this. He's one of those men who will keep repeating a

remark when he thinks it's funny, even when all the evidence says otherwise.

At a street cafe in Paul Hollywood Eats Mexico (C4), he was tucking in to a taco when the chef's phone rang.

Paul guffawed, and roared out a weary quip heard in pubs across Britain every evening:

The taco-packer looked at him blankly. Undeterred, Paul urged his translator to repeat the joke in Spanish.

That sums Paul up. He's not a TV presenter, he's a bar-room bore.

After each adventure in Mexico City, he delivered a pre-written summary to camera.

Without his script, he was helpless.