Ethical College Admissions: Is It Time for a New Paradigm?

Last week I had the opportunity to serve as keynote speaker at the Pennsylvania

Association for College Admission Counseling conference in Hershey.

It was the first time in three years that PACAC had been able to meet in person,

and it was more like a homecoming or family reunion than a conference. It was good to see old friends and make new ones.

My keynote address was titled “Professional Ethics: Endangered Species?” and I explored some

themes I have previously written about and presented on. Quite frankly, after nearly 10 years of writing

“Ethical College Admissions” I often worry that I am rehashing previous posts.

While researching my presentation I realized that I had done the keynote 11 years ago at a different PACAC event

the August admission workshop. For that meeting I was asked to talk about the future of our profession.