Elvis Review: Can't help falling in love with Austin Butler hitting the sweet spot in Baz Luhrmann's spectacle

If you're making a biopic on The King of Rock 'N' Roll, then you better have a director who's as

ravishingly flamboyant in his filmmaking as the great Elvis Presley is with his timeless tunes.

Enter Baz Luhrmann, whose previous outings - Moulin Rouge and

The Great Gatsby - were as extravagantly flashy as they can get!

With so many Elvis impersonators at every nook and corner of the world,

the young Austin Butler is tasked with the heavy lifting of toeing the line

between a more justified and less caricaturish portrayal of Elvis Presley.

Does the end justify the bright blood, lots of sweat and even tears in Elvis? Let's find out!

In a surprising storyline structure move that will leave the audience divided,