Eight BTS fans hospitalised for their obsession with K-pop group

Eight young BTS fans in India were recently hospitalised for their obsession with the world-famous K-pop group.

As reported by Ahmedabad Mirror, the teenagers were brought to the psychiatry

department of Shalby Hospital, Ahmedabad within the last 10 days.

The outlet shared that the teens had apparently been watching and listening to the septet for eight to 10 hours per day.

In one extreme case, a girl reportedly “Got so addicted that she would stay cooped

up in her room, refusing to eat or sleep properly and spend her entire time

listening to BTS music either on her phone or laptop.”

Weighing in on the matter the head of the Department of Psychiatry clinic, Dr.

Kalrav Mistry told the publication that the cases of ‘BTS Obsession’ have been increasing.