Ed Sheeran sends Fitzy and Wippa giant marble penises

Nova’s Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli can now say they have one

thing in common with Elton John; a giant marble penis from Ed Sheeran.

The radio stars were delighted to receive a surprise gift from the British megastar on Wednesday morning,

unboxing the mysterious package on air to reveal a pair of matching marble penises painted green and gold.

Sheeran, 31, had made good on a promise from a recent interview in which he spoke

about the similar phallic statuette he gave Elton John for his 74th birthday, offering to send one to the Nova hosts, too.

It turns out he wasn’t bluffing, with the two now taking home their very own Aussie-themed versions.

“It’s a giant d**k in a box!” Wippa gleefully exclaimed as his co-host removed the stone

appendage from its box, teasing, “It looks a bit like you!” as Fitzy struggled with its size.