‘Doomed’ Prince Harry gets dire warning from top surgeon

Prince Harry, who says he is ‘doomed’ to go bald soon, has been warned by a top

surgeon that he might just be right about going bald before turning 40, reported The Daily Star.

Talking about the Duke of Sussex’s rapidly receding hairline just months after

Harry himself acknowledged it at the Invictus Games, Dr. Manish Mittal said:

At the speed it’s receding, it is likely that Harry will be completely bald in two years.

“Certainly, by the time he’s 40,” Mittal added, referencing the fact that both Prince

Harry’s brother, Prince William, and father, Prince Charles, have balding heads.

Interestingly, Prince Harry took a jibe at his own receding hairline at this year’s

Invictus Games in the Netherlands while talking to Dutch athlete Bart van der Burg.