Try not to Stress Sweetheart surveys are in - and they're not too certain. Florence Pugh is exceptionally commended,

 and pundits concur that the film's visuals are first rate, yet there's analysis focused

on the plot, especially a major curve, and conclusions on Harry Styles' presentation differ.

The film is set in an apparently untainted, 1950s-style local area called Triumph and

spotlights on Pugh's Alice, who is hitched to Styles' Jack.

While the pair have an evidently wonderful relationship, Triumph conceals a dim mystery, which Alice starts to reveal.

Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, and Olivia Wilde balance the cast (Wilde likewise coordinates).

The film has been tormented by embarrassment for quite a while, with Wilde 

as of late excusing "all the interminable newspaper gibberish and tattle" about her and Pugh.

We've gathered together a choice of surveys underneath to provide you with a thought of what the pundits are talking about the film.