No matter what, nobody can quit discussing the forthcoming thrill ride Don't Stress Sweetheart.

With an elite player line-up that incorporates pop god Harry Styles,

Oscar-selected Florence Pugh, and widely praised remarkable new chief Olivia Wilde,

cinephiles were salivating when the film was first declared.

Indeed, even Pugh herself couldn't exactly trust her karma: "[Olivia Wilde] just 

labeled me in an image *gasp no.1* [Olivia Wilde] projected me in a film *gasp no.2* 

[Olivia Wilde] is my golden calf and permitted me to be a piece of this fecking

fantastic cast," she composed on Instagram under a screen capture of an article about the forthcoming task.

However at that point it began to turn out badly - exceptionally off-base. Gossipy tidbits about outrage, treacheries,

and significant fall-outs began surfacing, with beady-peered toward fans seeing virtual entertainment censures between the main woman and the chief.