Domestic violence experts lament fallout from Depp-Heard trial

Advocates for survivors of domestic violence found little to celebrate in the course of the trial or its outcome

In one of the most famous and public trials between a divorced couple to date, all eyes were on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

two Hollywood actors once in love, claiming the other committed violence against them.

But the jury’s mixed verdict was largely in favor of Depp and the court of public opinion seemed

to overwhelmingly side with the actor most known for playing a mischievous but lovable pirate in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Internet super-sleuths and influencers went to great lengths to dismantle Heard’s testimony in support of Depp.

But advocates for survivors of domestic violence called the whole trial a spectacle

causing more harm than good and saw no cause for celebration at its conclusion.

Instead they warned the course of the trial – and its outcome – had caused harm to the cause of tackling domestic violence and helping its victims.