Dolly Alderton on turning her life into streaming series Everything I Know About Love

Whisper Dolly Alderton’s name to a young woman and she will probably squeal in delight.

The British writer, podcaster and journalist is a superstar to millennials for her honest

and fresh perspectives on everything from geopolitical conflicts to the Sex and the City revival.

Her podcast with Pandora Sykes, The High Low, was wildly popular before it was wound

up in late-2020 and her memoirs about her 20s, Everything I Know About Love, was short-listed for a National Book Award in the UK.

She wrote and talked about the world as if it was you and a friend catching up for a brunch session.

For a certain generation – and women of privilege – Alderton was one of them. She got it.

The messiness and heartbreak of friendship is at the core of Everything I Know About

Love, which has just been adapted into a streaming series on Stan, a semi-fictionalised version of Alderton’s memoirs.