Does Amber Heard Have BPD? Does It Matter?

Compassion and learned skills can turn around a chaotic BPD life.

– Borderline personality disorder involves extreme emotion dysregulation, making life difficult for the individual and their loved ones.

– To be effective, loved ones and therapists need to better understand the sensitivities and struggles of BPD.

Compassion and practical help can improve emotion regulation

and relationship harmony. Research shows that there is hope for many with BPD.

Many people have heard of borderline personality disorder (BPD) and much of what they have heard is negative.

People with this disorder face damaging stigma, partly due to being portrayed in unfair and extreme ways in movies

BPD is once again in the public eye as Johnny Depp has won his civil suit against his ex-wife

The final ruling was that she hurt his career by claiming she was a victim of domestic abuse.