Disney ‘Basically Put My Life in Danger’

Gina Carano refused to be canceled. Now, she’s calling out those who tried erasing her in the first place.

The “Terror on the Prairie” star dropped by “The Adam Carolla Show” this week.

Together, they pummeled woke scolds and took on one of the biggest targets in Hollywood.

Carano and Carolla pounded the Mouse House for firing the actress on the flimsiest of charges.

Disney dumped her from “The Mandalorian” over “offensive” social media posts.

Except the posts weren’t offensive, and other Disney employees have said far worse.

Think Pedro Pascal, Mr. Mandalorian himself, and “Hocus Pocus 2” star Bette Midler.

The MMA star joined Carolla to dissect how Disney treated her and look at the larger cultural landscape.

She’s still frustrated that her tame social media messages got her fired but other stars say far worse sans repercussions.