Did Johnny Depp and Selena appear in a movie together?

Johnny Depp has shared films with many Hollywood stars.

However, he also had participated with a beloved figure for the US- Latino audience.

The queen of Tex Mex, Selena Quintanilla, and the American actor shared the screen in 1994.

The queen of Tex Mex not only had a passion for music. She also liked the acting scene

Depp and Selena both shared a dream to succeed with their talent.

Both Johnny Depp and Selena Quintanilla were part of Don Juan DeMarco, a film made in 1994.

Francis Ford Coppola directed the story of a psychiatrist played by Marlon Brando.

Before his retirement, the psychiatrist and his wife faced the peculiar case of Don Juan DeMarco, played by Johnny Depp.

DeMarco was a man with depression claiming to be the real Don Juan.