Diana's Wedding Dress Designer Says He Cannot 'Utter' Meghan Markle's Name

The designer of Princess Diana's wedding dress has given a scathing critique of

Meghan Markle and her choice in fashion for the Platinum Jubilee, to a British newspaper columnist.

David Emanuel, one half of the design duo who created Diana's wedding dress along

with many examples of her 1980s fashions, is quoted as calling Meghan "the American woman,

after saying that he cannot "utter her name" and suggesting that she was

"channeling" Wallis Simpson for the jubilee, in a recently published conversation with the Daily Mail's Richard Eden.

David Emanuel, one half of the design team that created Princess Diana's wedding dress,

has criticized Meghan Markle's fashion sense saying her outfit for the Platinum Jubilee looked like a "nurses uniform".

Emanuel (L) photographed June 19, 2014. Meghan (R) June 3, 2022. And Diana (inset) July 29, 1981.