Depp-Heard verdict about 'credibility' not 'free speech,' experts say

Amber Heard said she lost the right to 'speak freely' but experts say the Johnny Depp case was 'not a free speech issue but a credibility issue'

– A Virginia jury on Wednesday found that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were both liable for defamation.

– While Heard decried the verdict as a First Amendment censure, legal experts disagreed.

– "This isn't really a free speech issue, this is really a credibility issue," a former prosecutor said.

Amber Heard on Wednesday lamented that she lost the right to "speak freely and openly"

after a Virginia jury found her liable for defamation in her ex-husband Johnny Depp's case against her.

But legal experts told Insider that the six-week

ensationalized trial was never truly about freedom of speech and posited

that the verdict is unlikely to have future implications for First Amendment law.