Demi Moore and Emma Heming: How is the relationship between the actress and Bruce Willis' current wife?

As Demi Moore prepares to unveil a new swimwear line, there is no doubt

about the good relationship she has with Bruce Willis' current wife, Emma Heming.

The actress boasted on her social media that she will soon be unveiling a project she has been working on.

"I've been working on something special with Andie Swim and

can't wait to share it with the world!" she wrote on her Instagram account.

But that's not what's unusual, and neither is the great relationship she has

with Willis' current wife, model Heming, who has supported her in the project.

Heming replied "I can't wait" to a post about Demi Moore's new vintage-inspired swimwear project.

This once again demonstrates the good relationship between Demi and Emma