Dell’s XPS 13 Plus is the first laptop certified for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Ten years after launching a pioneering combination of Linux preinstalled on a commercial

laptop with Project Sputnik, Dell and Canonical announced that the XPS 13 Plus is the first

OEM PC certified for Ubuntu 22.04 Long-Term Support (LTS). That makes this a

straightforward route to having a PC that just works without worrying about whether or not each component is ready to work with Linux.

Linux-equipped Developer Edition models of the laptop were already available, with prices

starting at $1,289.00, but currently ship with the older 20.04 LTS software.

Long-term support releases deliver what it says on the tin,

with the end of standard support for this version scheduled in 2027 and the end of life in 2032.

Certified devices are lab tested to check the compatibility of each component.