Deadly Nebraska crash: At least 2 dead, 19 injured after cars slam into pedestrian crowd

Authorities in Lincoln, Nebraska responded to a mass casualty incident

Sunday evening where at least two people are dead and many others are believed to be injured

after multiple vehicles crashed and rolled into a crowd of people.

Two female victims were declared dead at the scene

both believed to be occupants of the vehicles, and 19 others have been hospitalized, the Lincoln Police Department said.

"One is in critical condition. The other 18 people are believed to be in non-life-threatening condition at this time," the police said.

Videos posted online show a large fire formed from the wreckage near

the intersection of South 52nd Street and O Street, outside the Barnes & Noble's Bookstore

while people, several dizzied and stumbling, were fleeing the area. The contents of the videos have not been independently verified.