Dakota Johnson’s ‘Persuasion’ fails to impress film critics

Dakota Johnson’s starrer Persuasion, the adaptation of Jane Austen’s famous

novel, failed to impress film critics, who have branded it as a ‘torture.

The experts believe that the Fifty Shades of Grey actor has been “woefully

miscast” in the Netflix film based on the classic tale according to report published by The Independent.

Clarisse Loughrey, film critic for the media outlet wrote, “At no point do you ever

get the sense that anyone’s actually read Persuasion.”

“For those with even the slightest affinity for Austen’s work, it’s vaguely mortifying

to watch – seeing one of her most beautifully moulded protagonists, a sorrowful

vessel hounded by the ghosts of lost love, stripped of her poetry and reduced to an