‘Crimes Of The Future’: Viggo Mortensen Initially Wanted A Smaller Part

David Cronenberg’s new film “Crimes Of The Future” asks its audience to go on quite a journey to the dystopian future.

The film’s most quotable line, “surgery is the new ,” only scratches the surface.

Amidst the detritus of Grecian ruins, the human body is not only generating

strange new organs but removing and tattooing them becomes a form of art in its own right with an erotic dimension.

This is the specialty of Viggo Mortensen’s Saul Tanser, who grows the new flesh,

and his performance partner who handles it, Léa Seydoux’s Caprice.

And that’s only the beginning of the film — as the narrative progresses,

Cronenberg reveals the body is not done evolving as a survival mechanism in an ecological wasteland

Crimes of the Future” never feels like a window into another world; it’s a funhouse mirror distorting our own.