Chris Pratt's Terminal List prank that went very wrong

The 42-year-old actor portrays Navy SEAL commander James Reece in the eight-

part thriller and though he’s known for his love of joking around, things almost

backfired when he couldn’t resist trying something “funny”

while shooting a scene where his character got caught in a landslide.

He explained: “Reece is getting buried alive, so I was up to my neck in mud.

“They used an excavator to dump another bucket load of dirt on me and I was supposed to crawl my way out.

“I’m good at holding my breath, so I thought it would be funny if I didn’t move for a

while – but it ended up taking me about a minute and a half before I finally managed to get out.

“I came out coughing up dirt. It was so real, people came up to me saying,