Chris Hemsworth finds a rich groove in Spiderhead

Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski again had a plane in the air,

They were shooting Spiderhead, a science-fiction prison thriller based on a George Saunders story,

along the coast of Australia.

The film is set almost entirely in a remote concrete fortress jutting out over the sea,

but it opens with the arrival of a seaplane that was flown by Hemsworth with Kosinski lying in the back.

The slow-moving, prop-engine plan was a far cry from the F-18 jets of Joseph Kosinski’s box-office smash.

“It was initially going to be the plane Tom Cruise did his work in,” Hemsworth jokes.

Spiderhead, which debuts Friday on Netflix, is in many ways the opposite of Top Gun: Maverick.

It’s a talky, interior film made during the pandemic that will be streaming in homes, not filling IMAX screens.