Chris Hemsworth admits he was 'bored of Thor' before working on Ragnarok

It's no secret. Thor: Ragnarok was a sharp departure from the two films that came before it.

While Thor and Thor: The Dark World concentrated on the Shakespearean aspects of Thor Odinson and Norse mythology, Ragnarok,

directed by Taika Waititi, thrust the figure into a live-action Kirbian cosmic opera.

In fact, Chris Hemsworth says that he was bored with the persona before collaborating with Waititi.

As one of the original Avengers, Hemsworth has evolved alongside his character as

the Marvel world has advanced through its stages, with the actor now poised to feature in Thor:

Love and Thunder, his eighth appearance in the MCU.

Now, during a recent interview with Vanity Fair to reflect back on his career,

Hemsworth discussed his prior misgivings about Thor as a character and how Waititi eventually worked with him to relieve these worries.