Carlos Santana spotted in Rochester after collapsing on stage during performance

After collapsing on stage from heat exhaustion at Pine Knob Tuesday night, reps for Carlos Santana said he would recover fully.

Santana and his wife were checking out the shops when an eagle-eyed fan spotted him and stopped to say hello.

Elizabeth Cosetta Kincaid was in the audience at Pine Knob when the legendary guitarist collapsed on

You can see in the video player above the video she took that night.

“It was like how horrific what is really happening right now,” said Kincaid. “Something is not going well.”

Kincaid was driving home on Main Street Thursday (July 7) in Rochester and not having the best of days as her mom is not well.

“I looked, and I’m like ‘let me swing back around the block and see if what I’m seeing is actually what I’m seeing,” Kincaid said.

What she thought she saw was indeed what she saw as Santana and his wife Cindy Santana taking a stroll.

Kincaid told him she was glad he was feeling better and asked to take a picture with the couple. They graciously obliged.