Cara Delevingne Left an Interview After She Was Told She Seemed ‘a Bit Irritated’

Cara Delevingne carved a niche as a model and actor, but it doesn’t mean she can’t get real when tested.

The Suicide Squad star has a reputation for a feisty, candid tone that sometimes turns the heads of others.

One of these interviews with a Sacramento news program went viral in 2015. And years later, it still comes up occasionally.

Delevingne was on Good Day Sacramento to promote her film Paper Towns.

However, things got off to a bumpy start when one of the hosts called her Carla in the introductions.

The hosts wasted no time asking her if she read the source material

and related it to her performance. Taken aback, Delevingne answered with a little side of sarcasm.

Delevingne provided similarly sarcastic answers to the follow-up questions.

Sensing her snarkiness, the hosts became more combative toward Delevingne. And the interview took a dive.