'Can’t get on with own family!' Meghan and Harry row over announcement

Some have slammed the Duke of Sussex, with user Michael Turner @mturner1961 writing:

"Prince Harry will be joined by Meghan Markle in a speech to UN.

At the 'United Nations' when they can't even get on with their own families. Brilliant.

Daily Mail royal editor Richard Eden shared the announcement saying it was an "interesting choice".

Others were thrilled at the news, comparing Prince Harry to his mother, Princess Diana.

@DomajorReminor wrote: "Prince Harry is going to honor the great Nelson Mandela in

a UN speech Like his mother he will definitely speak from the heart and has the heart of service to others. #MandelaDay.

@MyDukeandI tweeted: "Prince Harry is a leader

among leaders. Respected and loves, he is the people's prince!".