Can Prince Andrew be ‘forgiven’ for role in supporting Jeffrey Epstein?

An ex-royal officer who served as the Royal Family’s personal security for many

years speaks out about the ‘only sure way’ Prince Andrew can wiggle his way out of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal backlash.

Ex-royal officer of many years to the private police force has just addressed Prince

Andrew’s ‘rude’ and ‘abrasive’ behavior in an interview with The Sun.

Mr. Page claimed, "Andrew has heaped shame on himself, the Royal Family, and

the United Kingdom - he's a toxic asset and should never be allowed back in public life.”

"The only way he can redeem himself is, to tell the truth - and that is not going to happen."

Before concluding he even bashed the Duke of York and added, "He's a self-

absorbed, obnoxious, horrible little man who is disrespectful to those below him."