The shifting appearance of Kyle Richards is being brought up by Camille Grammer.

The former co-star of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" posted side-by-side images showing how her face changed over time, Saturday wrote.

Is this not an oxymoron? On "Watch What Happens Live," the "Halloween" star posed a question to Andy Cohen.

implies that the former "housewife" is a fraud and not "genuine" like her moniker suggests.

Some people laughed at Grammer's joke about Richards' admitted plastic surgery, while others thought she was immature and spiteful.

It's insufficient! As if he has achieved more than you, which you will never be able to! A reviewer wrote.

How's that, Grammer asked, holding out an old photograph of a young Richards.

Many supporters of Grammar backed her, claiming that she was merely stating the truth.

How low has it sunk? It is freely available. Kyle has gained notoriety.